6 Characteristics of a Great Leader in the Workplace

Characteristics of a Great Leader – When we think about leadership, we sometimes think about legendary minutes such as George Washington going across Delaware or Martin Luther King Jr.

Characteristics of a Great Leader

talking about the actions of the Lincoln Memorial. But what makes a leader great in a much less legendary location, such as work?

Here are some of the Characteristics of Great Leaders in the Workplace

1. Communication

A great leader at the office is a great communicator and plainly defines assumptions. Not just that, they foster great communication in between their group. A great leader goes over and past leveraging chats, e-mails, and texting teams to bring their group with each other about workplace problems.

They do not simply offer devices for networking—they help develop a feeling of how to communicate effectively.

2. Empathy

A great leader in the workplace appreciates their workers and shows it. Keeping in mind the information of their lives and asking subsequent questions (in a non-invasive way) about partners, children, moms, and dads, and life occasions show that they appreciate their workers and view them as greater than simply human chattel.

3. Approachability

A great leader is someone that individuals are not scared to approach with a question or concern. Sometimes the workplace door needs to be shut. But when it does not, leave it open up, and perhaps even have a dish of sweet or some coffee for visiting workers.

They should not fear your workplace, such as they did the principal’s; they should know it is a risk-free sanctuary they can rely on for help.

4. Generosity

Everyone likes a manager who makes nice points for the teamwork, renting a food cart for lunch or taking everybody to a movie. Managers and supervisors that use benefits to inspire their group instead compared to risks and punishments will find they have a lot more effective labor force under their utilize.

5. Passion

As the team’s captain, you will find that prominent with the instance is the best way to go. If you are connected to the objective of your company or appreciate what your business does, that interest will be infectious and spread out for your employees.

Read regularly in your area, network on occasions, and attend seminars to reduce side gamer in your kind of work.

6. Firmness

No one desires a tyrant for a manager, but they also do not want a pushover. A great leader needs to be firm and undaunted and know when to put their typical foot down in a considerate way, whether separating a water-cooler party or discussing mismanaged time with a worker.

Clear up your concepts and rules and stick for your guns—although each of our previous factors, know when to flex the rules for extenuating circumstances.


Those are some of the Characteristics of a Great Leader that you can emulate, don’t forget to read on for tips on leadership in the next article.

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